Footfall and Retail Store Analytics

Our innovative and efficient business solutions include:

Optimizing the store’s layout

  • Through the XR Footfall Counting System, get transparency of the consumers shopping journey upon entering the store
  • Determine hot and dead zones – ensuring the business layout is accessible to other zones
  • Understand product placement and which products are driving sales
  • Implement a proper funnel analysis – not just at the store level (PoS/Door Counting) but at a detailed level within the store.

RFID Inventory / Asset Tracking

  • Eliminate manual count for merchandise using traditional inventory crews and hand-held RFID readers
  • Collect data to update the inventory every 1 minute with 100% precision with superior performance & accuracy
  • Get an item’s identity, location, and authenticity – refer to item intelligence in real-time
  • Utilize the inbuilt powerful API features to create and develop new innovative marketing tools and applications
  • Enable full In-store stock inventory and asset control which heightens your security processes

Promotion Impact

  • Compare visitor traffic data with the XR Footfall Counting System before and after marketing campaigns
  • Get data allocated for a particular area or zone within the business to measure the traffic level
  • Measure marketing effectiveness by analyzing the success of your events and campaigns
  • Understand customer acquisitions and retentions by delivering customized and targeted promotional content
  • Optimize window and displays effectiveness for passerby customers

Hot Or Cold Products

  • XR Footfall Counting System enables real-time insights on essential non-moving products
  • Get overview on zones which have high traffic but little-to-none merchandise movement
  • Understand staffing behavior patterns, marketing campaigns, and promotions guiding the consumer’s path to purchase
  • Measure traffic and conversion rates for individual departments and entire stores
  • Get real-time insights leading to product placements for more sales generated by cross-merchandising
  • Enable triggers with product allocation data to ensure that shoppers stay and spend more


  • XR Footfall Counting System allows you to benchmark your business by integrating the data through in-store POS feeds
  • Obtain key performance metrics, such as conversion rates — across all store locations, in real-time
  • Identify and spot norms, trends, and outliers within the business
  • Tailor product selections and determine the timing of price markdowns
  • Use the real-time insights to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and limit the threat of fraud


  • Understand enter-to-exit patterns of consumers within a business with the  XR Footfall Counting System features
  • Get real-time key performance touch points in allocated zones within the store and optimizing the consumer’s path to purchase
  • Understand customers’ movement to optimize the store layout and strategize placement of popular vs. unpopular and expensive vs. cheap merchandises
  • Identify pricing complications. For example, if lots of people are touching an item but few are buying it, which suggests the merchandise is too expensive or outdated
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