XR mall traffic counting system

Accelerate business revenue with our mall traffic counter. Utilize AI and smart technology to quantify customer traffic flow to plan + scale better and faster.

Acquire insights that give you an edge

Use the right shopping mall traffic statistics to Xpand like never before.

Gain invaluable customer insights

Profile your customers through Xpandretail advanced sensors that analyze and track multiple aspects of your traffic flow. Gain invaluable insights that aid you in strategic decision-making to improve your Mall’s business prospects.

Get shopping mall traffic statistics

XR sensors always track + count visitors - hourly, daily, weekly, and even monthly - enabling you to manage future events effectively. Moreover, they always keep you informed of visitor statistics during peak hours so you can forecast and allocate resources well in advance!

Improve conversions & revenue

Passersby analysis gives you valuable insights on how to convert people who are just passing by your mall into mall visitors and customers. Making changes to your mall's design based on XR data can boost profits and attract more shoppers to your location.

Ensure assets, Mall & customer safety

Track and control customer safety on your Mall premises. Our customized software is versatile and specially developed to fit the modern needs of the retail sector, including safety and security.

How do retail traffic counters work?


Retail Traffic Counters measure the number of people who enter and exit through your mall's doors.


Assess operational performance in real time by using a dashboard that reflects footfall and traffic statistics of your shopping mall.


Compare the monthly footfall trends to other critical company KPIs for management assessment and smarter decision-making.

We help Malls scale faster & more efficiently

Boost your Mall’s revenue by maximizing its footfall potential faster than ever. Our cutting-edge mall technology will help you track and count the precise number of people inside and outside your premises.

In addition to retracing and assessing your customer journey, you can generate heat maps of the most-visited areas, count your visitors, calculate passersby, and even evaluate the impact of your marketing campaigns with our People Counting technology.

Our traffic management systems assist you in improving your mall’s performance and increasing footfall by using leading technologies such as infrared beams, lasers, video image referencing, thermal motion detection, people counting and more.

By tracking your visitors’ every move, you can make better decisions that result in more profitable sales for outlet owners, better store layouts, optimized product placements, and tailored customer service, while utilizing the most effective marketing strategies.

Types of people counters

We understand that for a people counter to be effective, it must be tailored to the needs of your mall. Therefore, we’ve developed multiple people counters so you can choose the ones best suited to your requirements.


Overhead vs. Horizontal

Automatically count and track the number of people who visit your Mall or mall using sensor technology. Our non-intrusive sensors ensure all entrances are monitored to record accurate visitor counts.

Wired vs wireless

Wired vs. Wireless

The use of wireless technology in malls and retail environments is growing rapidly. Since wired systems take up extra space and incur extra installation costs, wireless systems are a great alternative; they’re easy to install and maintain, and they aren’t affected by weather conditions since they don’t involve cables.

Bidirectional vs. Unidirectional

Bidirectional people station counters are an integral part of traffic flow management. Whether your mall is set up for unidirectional or bidirectional traffic, these people counters provide you with the intelligence insights needed to make better decisions that impact your bottom line.

A snapshot of how XR people counting can transform your Mall

Now that you know which visitor counter types you can choose from, you can narrow them down. Accurate solutions can be done by considering how they can oblige to your business needs. What you pick relies upon your needs, which will presumably include:

Deploy XR Counting Systems. Transform your Mall's prospects

Better decisions greater success

Better decisions, greater success

Are you a business manager? Great! Our pedestrian counting system can advise you on when and where you might need extra staff, in order to increase customer satisfaction and minimize the likelihood of abandoned shopping zones, missed revenue streams, or unsatisfied consumers! Make accurate, informed decisions, such as determining the correct staff-level requirement based on actual demand. Moreover, with reliable footfall insights, you can cater to customer needs to boost customer happiness index and combat low customer count.

Evolve with accurate insights

Evolve with accurate insights

Did you know? Xpandretail people counting solutions accomplish more than 98% accuracy! So if you’re an enterprise-level retailer, XR counting system will help you analyze each Mall’s key assets, resources, and customer insights to help you set attainable performance goals with confidence. Even more, the video person counters and 3D person tracking sensors can surpass 98% accuracy. Now that’s real power!

High return on investment

High return on investment

If you’re planning to become a leader in the retail world, you need actionable reporting in real-time! Thanks to XR visitor counting solutions, critical data is automatically available to decision-makers – and the people who need it most – wherever they may be. As a leading service provider, our reporting provides high-accuracy solutions in line with the structure & workflow of your organization. It can help you scale and boost revenue in no time.

Advanced people counting solutions for future generations

We at Xpandretail understand that, like any other investment, footfall counting solutions should deliver enterprise-wide value in various areas. That’s why our sophisticatedly designed system & high-accuracy solutions go past ordinary people counting technologies and exceed the expectations of every client we serve. Furthermore, we combine in-depth knowledge with advanced technologies to deliver trustworthy and reliable results.

Our solutions enable you to make better business decisions and help you incorporate tailored strategies that make highly profitable marketing campaigns a reality. You can also monitor footfall insights + statistics and use them to improve your Mall’s conversion rate. Going further, you can compare your prices against your competitors in the industry and optimize layout plans and staff placements to meet contemporary shopping needs. So get in touch with our experts today, and we’ll help kickstart your seamless journey towards improving your business.

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