Get real-time asset feedback. Make instant decisions. Maximize asset utilization with RFID.

See where and how your assets can be used to minimize costs & maximize asset utilization. Make efficient decisions with real-time feedback.

Make instant decisions to maximize asset utilization with real-time asset feedback.

RFID Tracking Solutions

It’s time to overtake competitors who are beating you in the efficiency game.

A must-have for retailers – Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been delivering incredible cost saving solutions and high revenue growth potential to companies worldwide for years.

Our RFID solutions have helped hundreds of enterprises minimize labor costs, enhance productivity, drive foot traffic, create successful targeted promotions, and deliver highly personalized experiences through better insights into customer purchase behavior and trends.

Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Track your assets like never before. Regardless of your industry, RFID Asset Tracking and Inventory Management lets you minimize theft, track every asset in your inventory, monitor movements, and much more!

File Document Tracking System

No more lost or misplaced documents. Our RFID technology makes document tracking easy and is especially useful in safeguarding and locating high-value documents, such as intellectual property documents, medical records, and documents relating to property ownership, in seconds!

Jewelry RFID Solutions

Count jewelry items instantly, keep track of stocks, conduct exhibitions, transfer consignments, invoice wholesalers and more, directly from the Xpandretail app on your mobile device or desktop.

The need for RFID is everywhere

The Xpandretail RFID in Dubai provides retail solutions eliminating the requirement to manually count merchandise using traditional inventory crews, and even traditional Hand-Held RFID readers. With our ceiling mounted, patented RFID readers, providing superior performance and accuracy - the data collected from the readers is used to update the inventory, every 1 minute to 100% precision.


Xpandretail HANDS-FREE RFID in Dubai Solution streamlines inventory and asset management by creating a live view record of where items are. In the end result, businesses can focus on addressing the tasks which they are trained to do, which isn’t necessarily heading into a warehouse on a scavenger hunt of lost items.

Warehouse & Distribution

Xpandretail HANDS-FREE RFID in Dubai Solutions cut back on manufacturers and production lines signicant time and money; manufacturing companies are able to save money on labor and see an increase in efficiency. With the RFID Reader Zoner Monitor System, the client’s tools compliance and management program now become automated.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Discover the story behind your analytics

RFID lets you catch process flaws and discover your improvement areas so you can overcome shortcomings, make smarter decisions, boost efficiency and accelerate profitability.

RFID is reshaping UAE’s Retail & Industrial landscape

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Printing / Encoding tags & labels

Help employees identify and sort products on the fly. With our Printing / Encoding tags and labels solution, employees can print or encode RFID tags quickly by entering an item number on the Xpandretail RFID dashboard, and simply clicking the print button.

Inventory removal & addition from asset tracking

Remove or decommission assets from your Xpandretail Cloud Dashboard, Xpandretail RFID Windows Desktop App, API or a 3rd party software with ease.

Automated shipment-auditing with alert / reporting

Ensure accuracy of invoices with our real-time inventory tracking system. As soon as even one item from your consignment is collected, the shipment is marked as received in the RFID software. Every time an item is seen by one of our Readers, it too can be automatically marked as received.

Theft detection & alerts using Door Readers

Find out where assets are physically located, whether they’re in a warehouse or with a customer. Our onsite door reader system can alert you as soon as an item is removed from its location in your premises without authorization.

Hand-held readers supported

Our RFID solutions are fully compliant with hand-held RFID devices as well. Users can scan and upload the inventory directly to the dashboard as often as desired. The backend is always updated after a successful upload, so even if users forget to log in or are unable to because of a spotty internet connection, they can scan and upload at their own convenience.

Replenishment alerts below set thresholds

Our RFID devices alert your concerned personnel as soon as a product quantity drops below the set threshold, so that you can replenish products within due time. This helps to reduce inventory loss and wastage, as well as restock delays.

Inventory analysis & comparison

Locate and return misplaced items, or items separated from their groups, with the help of our Inventory Analysis & Comparison module. The system displays the location of your misplaced items within the location’s floor plan, as well as their groups’ locations.

Visual display of moving items

Track each and every item with a visual display of moving items inside your premises. View where each and every item is in real-time for better distribution planning and theft prevention.

Stay up-to-date on inventory & assets, every step of the way

Hourly - Daily - Weekly - Monthly - Annually

Compatible with every smart device

Minimize inefficiencies and maximize your business potential with smart RFID solutions and analytics.

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