Track files with XR Document Tracking System

No more lost documents. No more lost time. With Xpandretail File Document Tracking System, doc-tracking and management are quick, hassle-free and seamless!

Save time spent on tracing documents

One of the most frustrating and costly problems for businesses is losing essential files. The XR RFID Document tracking system helps you reduce time and monetary resources spent on locating, transporting, and managing your important files and documents. So why bear the brunt of expensive theft recovery costs or poor productivity?

Let the XR RFID File Tracking System streamline your file management process, so your employees can quickly access and locate key documents. In addition, you can automate database queries and reduce manual shuffling processes such as filing, sorting, or placing documents in storage rooms.

Moreover, these devices provide a Check-In/Check-Out system that allows employees to retrieve and return items to an area via an administrator or kiosk, ensuring that no items leave the room without prior authorization.

It’s time to upgrade to Xpandretail Document Tracking system

Here’s why this XR File tracking system is your ever-growing need.

Storage space is full

You can save physical storage space by storing all your documentation in our RFID file document tracking system.

Security is a concern

Having all your information in one secure place is much safer than having it dispersed.

Better organization-wide compliance

The ability to access your documents whenever necessary makes it easier for employees to learn your processes and procedures.

Improved team collaboration

Your team can work more efficiently and collaborate faster with a DMS.

Back up important data

In order to protect your valuable information, you need a reliable system that regularly backs it up.

Adaptability breeds success

Times are changing and so should you. With XR’s File document tracking system, you can scale more efficiently than ever before.

Save time

Reduce employees’ wasted time on inventory counts, searching for lost documents, and maintaining & managing files in a workplace.

Enjoy better security

Monitor and track the location of sensitive items before they leave your office, warehouse or premises to ensure fool-proof security.

Increase professionalism

Eliminate the likelihood of ever missing key files or crucial pieces of data. Build a sense of professionalism, competence and integrity around your brand name.

Save money

Filing cabinets are inefficient, outdated and don't meet the needs of a modern workplace. The time wasted by employees looking for misplaced items is money you’ll never get back.

Reduce stress

Reduce your stress levels with the confidence that every file is safe, secure and accessible at your fingertips. Knowing where a file is when it’s needed most is worth even more than saved finances.

Easy 4 step process to track any document!

Step 1

Create a file. XR DTS will automatically assign an RFID label tag encoded with a unique EPC number to it.

Step 2

When you need to find a specific file, just search the file by its name or reference number in the software.

Step 3

Input that unique EPC number into your XR RFID handheld reader.

Step 4

Congratulations, your file has been successfully tracked and is ready for use!

It’s the right time to embrace efficiency.

Looking to break away from the past? The XR File Tracking system can transform your document tracking and management like never before.

Get in touch with our experts to integrate the file tracker system into your workflow.

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