Asset Tracking & Inventory Management System

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Inventory Management At Its Best

All over the world in warehouses, distribution centers, & facilities that have deployed automated inventory management technology. Barcode labels have become standard operating procedure. RFID has become a more significant part of the inventory management equation. Especially in retail where many large companies are using the tags to track goods at the pallet, case, & even item-level at the retail shelf.

XR-RFID provides accurate asset tracking solutions to businesses all over the world. Our advanced XR-RFID tags & components are essential to optimizing automated asset tracking & logistics systems. These transponders ensure seamless traceability & reduce losses while enhancing stock management & processing speed. Passive contactless XR-RFID tags improve data collection speed & accuracy. Making tracking more cost-effective while increasing efficiency.

RFID Asset Tracking Industries

RFID asset tracking does not require line of sight for scanning, unlike barcode labels where the employee has to be able to see the label to get a scan. Because XR RFID tags can be read from any orientation, it can speed up the scanning & inventory management process and reduce the labor associated with repositioning boxes for scanning. Scanners can also read multiple tags at the same time, so an entire pallet-load of items can be scanned simultaneously. XR RFID also improves the visibility of inventory by providing real-time updates & faster scanning. The RFID tags can hold a more substantial amount of data and are weatherproof meaning they last longer.

RFID Construction Tools

Construction Tools

RFID asset tracking for construction tools and utilities works by the tag on the tool, which incorporates a small microchip that sends its data to the reader. RFID asset tracking is an excellent way of knowing how many tools and of what kind you have on site at all times.

RFID Factories & Warehouses

Factories & Warehouses

In the middle of the chaos and confusion of a busy factory floor, you need to keep track of your assets. RFID asset tracking solutions allow you to keep the pace up while not losing high value assets and inventory.

RFID IT & Computers

IT & Computers

Keeping track of high value IT assets and computers are at the top of any organizations list of ways to control costs. Through the implementation of a world-leading RFID asset tracking solution, you can be sure that all of your IT assets are being managed and tracked.

RFID document tracking

RFID Document Tracking

Companies are saving time and reducing man hours with RFID Document and File Tracking System. Manual check-in and checkout processes take up an employee’s precious time at work. It is also easy to lose important documents as they are moved throughout a building. Personnel can quickly locate documents and monitor movement using an automated RFID tracking system.

RFID for Students

RFID Student & People Tracking

The student RFID includes features such as automatic attendance management systems, student location tracking, parents tracking system, and message services. Apart from the education sector, the RFID technology is widely adopted in many industries including financial services, retail, healthcare, along with logistics, and distribution.

RFID Inventory Management Products

When you want to save time, know where to find business assets, XR RFID connects to your network and updates information in real-time. XR RFID Tracking Equipment will automatically update the location & visibility of your assets in the database.

XR RFID Asset Tracking Components

rfid readers anetennas

RFID Readers & Antennas

Get detailed information on fixed XR RFID readers & the high-throughput antennas used for tracking assets in Real-Time. With Real-Time tracking information, you will always know where your critical business assets are.



A critical success factor to any RFID system and one that should be taken seriously. We offer a range of expertise on XR RFID tags for the types of assets you are tracking.

Mobile Computers in Dubai UAE

Mobile Computers

Use mobile RFID readers to equip your Asset Tracking staff with the tools to update the location of assets, find missing items or to perform updates or changes on-the-spot. A variety of XR RFID devices and advanced software is available for mobile RFID Asset Tracking.