Pioneers of People Counting around the Globle

Xpandretail has been in the Footfall Analytics and people counting industry for over 2 decades

We enable growth through insight-driven analytics
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Some call us experts. Most know us as pioneers.

With over 500+ relationships in place, Xpandretail has been delivering secure cloud-based business intelligence platforms for over 2 decades  worldwide.

We’ve designed the best-in-class AI and machine learning tools that collect insights for business across industries, with the aim to enable smarter decision-making and unlock a whole new level of scalability.

We’ve proudly partnered with corporations and Fortune 500 companies, empowering them to boost profits and increase operational efficiency for faster growth.


Powering Businesses with Tomorrow’s Data


Accelerating Retail with Detail

Core Values

Drive for Perfection

Be hungry to learn

Use your drive and commitment to Energize, Engage and Inspire Others

Regard People Before Profit

Don’t find customers for your solutions, find solutions for your customers

(Be Kind – treat others like how you wanted to be treated)

make it happen

Make It Happen

Be a powerful presence, Be and inspiring presence, Be a comforting presence, Even be a healing presence

Take the responsibility – blame no one

Honor Relationships

Consistently Be Open, Honest, Ethical and Genuine

Build and Nurture strong relationships that are mutually beneficial

Lead to Make A Difference

Strive to show a deep respect for people inside and outside and for the communities in which they live in

Aim to make a positive difference to the community


Challenge The Status Quo

Embrace and drive change

Venture out into uncharted waters

Corporate Team

Vic Bageria - CEO at Xapndretail

Vic Bageria


Rajiv Prasad - CTO Xpandretail

Rajiv Prasad


Money Master - Xpandretail

Arshad Kazi

Money Master

Our results speak for themselves

Industry leaders since 20+ years

We’re the most trusted solutions provider for RFID and people counting in the UAE. Our solutions are customizable for the retail sector, malls, theaters, metro stations, airports, banks, libraries and more.

Numbers speak louder than words

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