Customers visit Brick and Mortar outlets to receive an immersive and convenient experience, not to wait in long queues. More than 85 percent of customers prefer avoiding a store that is crowded with shoppers. As a result, it becomes imperative for retailers to opt for new and advanced techniques to optimize store infrastructure and implement successful queue management strategies. One such advancement is the introduction of People Counting Solutions to the overall store infrastructure.

The rise of E-commerce firms has significantly impacted retail sales. Factors such as smart government initiatives and digital developments play a vital role in enhancing the E-commerce businesses within the retail sector. As a result, this has significantly reduced sales and the overall market share for brick and mortar retailers.

How Queue Management Helps with Customer Engagement

However, more than 40 percent of the customers still prefer to shop in-store. Such customers prefer to see and try the product offerings before conducting any purchase decisions. This enables shoppers to check products for quality assurances and avoid any hassles regarding defected products.  Furthermore, over 25 percent of the customers prefer shopping in-store as they consider it as a social outing with friends or family. People counting technology enables stores to improve the in-store experience and checkout process through optimal queue management, thus preventing customer dissatisfaction.

Thirty percent of the shoppers list face-to-face interaction with in-store employees as a vital factor for shopping at retail outlets. These customers prefer to talk with employees regarding any questions or concerns regarding the product offerings. People counting solutions assist in an optimal allocation of employee resources to avoid overstaffing or understaffing issues. This allows businesses to prevent wastage of corporate resources and control overall operational costs. In addition, it also enables them to boost customer engagement, and thus promoting repeat purchases.

Overcoming challenges with People Counting Technology

According to industry experts, long wait times lead to over 50 percent of lost sales opportunities. Furthermore, these outlets also witness a significant decline in customer satisfaction and retention rates. Customer footfall analytics allows firms to identify products in demand and popular zones in-store accurately. The data generated from the digital solutions assist retailers to effectively and efficiently utilize organizational resources. Moreover, they also help retailers to introduce new and improved strategies to meet with industry demand and customer preferences.

People counting sensors track customer in-store journey with precision. This allows retailers to gain insights on how much time shoppers are spending within a particular region. Moreover, it also enables them to improve customer loyalty and promote brand advocacy. People counting sensors utilize advancements within the field of data and artificial intelligence to provide accurate and real-time results. Furthermore, they also allow stores to improve revenue generation by over 20 percent. With the ever-growing competition in the industry, retailers must adopt advancements to improve store layout and stay ahead of market competition.


Written By: Ranjeewa Dias

Business Technology Manager