Theme Park Analytics & Queue Management

Implement an effective operations strategy in delivering visitors with an unforgettable park experience

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Theme Park Analytics

Xpandretail technologies can be used throughout an amusement park to optimize operations, efficiently utilize resources and ultimately improve visitor experience and increase profits. Queue management, virtual turnstiles and wait time monitoring are all made possible with our people counting system and analytics platform.

Theme Parks happen to be the most visited attractions which fall behind concerts and sports events for tourists. Unlike their counterparts, majority of the visitors at theme parks include footfalls in groups. As the park would implement hundreds of activities daily, for thousands of visitors, it becomes difficult manage and maintain a balance in operations.


Through Xpandretail’s Ai-Enabled Theme Park Analytics, park managers are able to maintain & implement a successful transition throughout their daily operations. Such as, monitoring & managing queues, visitor occupancy for safety measures, zone analysis for multiple locations, & staff assignment.

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Through XR theme parks analytics such as queue management & zone analysis, operations can reduce wait lines. Visitors can redirected, popular attractions can then be allocated to less congested areas.

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XR theme park analytics ensures your data is accurate by counting groups that came together as one potential customer. With this data, operations can develop new channels to increase customer engagement with corresponding retail establishments on site.

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Know where every visitor is in real time & measure how much time they spend there. This will make it easier to manage dangerous situations & avoid overcrowding in theme parks. Benchmark different zones through zone analytics, resulting in testing the effectiveness of new marketing initiatives.

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Through our XR visitor traffic data improve the overall theme park operations. Allowing you to keep areas of high interest away from each other to avoid bottlenecks. Get real-time visitor counts to implement efficient crisis management strategies.

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Theme parks typically use their ticketing system to determine total park visitors & peak traffic. However these are only preliminary counts when visitors enter the park, not when they leave or return. Go beyond traditional traffic counting by leveraging anonymous theme park analytics visitor behavior data. Track the total visits from entry to exit & what areas of the parks are being visited. Engagement, or dwell time, is another measure of how long a visitor stayed within a zone. This allows operations to allocate sufficient security staffing for safety measures. For visitors who plan an entire day at an amusement park, they may exit and reenter multiple times.

Occupancy data enables efficient amusement park operations by detailing optimum times to schedule shows and attractions when occupancy is high and maintenance and service calls when occupancy is low.

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Xpandretail has been delivering analytics for over 15+ years and having 40,000+ installations in over 40 countries and partnered with well-known market giants. Apart from this, they provide some additional bonus features such as:

Compare ticket sales with actual numbers of people entering the park and ascending in the balloon

Improve the theme park visitor experience, for example by helping minimize queues

Increase retail sales, for instance, by analyzing and acting on sales conversion rates

Accurately plan staffing levels for busiest times