Mall Traffic Counting System

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Accurate Solutions For Malls

Accurate solutions such as XR people counting, retailers get transparency of the customers shopping venture. Coupled with the customer touch points, once entering the store. The data derived from the XR pedestrian counting system enables owners to understand the customer journey inside their business. Also highlighting the path through any dead zones. Likewise, it will guarantee if the business layout is easily accessible to different zones inside the business.

It is simple to settle on the choice to streamline your business operations with a people counting system. The hard part is discovering perfect people counter for your business’s unique entrance way or busy area. The following points will enable you to recognize the various types of people counters and figure out which complements your business needs. Xpandretail is the leading provider of the best visitor counter system in UAE.

Range of Pedestrian Counting System

There are numerous kinds of people counters to select from, including overhead, horizontal, wired, wireless, 3D Stereoscopic, bidirectional and unidirectional. There are certain differences between each:

Overhead vs. Horizontal

Overhead visitor counting system sensors are more compact and are mounted over your entryway. These are accurate solutions which are horizontal sensors mounted on either side of your entryway.

Wired vs. Wireless

Selecting a wired or wireless sensor depends on network connection preferences. Wired systems require cabling to connect the sensor to your facility’s system, while wireless systems utilize radio frequency or Wi-Fi.

Bidirectional vs. Unidirectional

Another set of accurate solutions is bidirectional pedestrian counters (overhead sensors) reveal whether a customer strolled in or out. Unidirectional people counters (horizontal counters) can’t recognize in and out

Now that you know which visitor counter types you can choose from, you can narrow them down. Accurate solutions can be done by considering how they can oblige to your business needs. What you pick relies upon your needs, which will presumably include:

Timely Data for Efficient Operations

A pedestrian counting are accurate solutions & most effective when it delivers data that is both relevant and timely. By providing footfall counts to businesses, accurate solutions can enable retailers to assign staff based on actual demand. By alerting managers and other key personnel to unusual high volumes of customers. The XR visitor counting system can advise managers for more staff, reduce the potential for abandoned shopping baskets, lost sales, & unhappy customers.


The top accurate solutions accomplish more than 98% accuracy. The level of accuracy required in a pedestrian counting system relies upon the end use of data. A large retailer utilizes information to think about individual stores and in addition set performance goals. The most accurate visitor counting systems are the video person counters, the XR 3D person tracking sensors which does just that. These accurate solutions can surpass 98% accuracy.


XR visitor counting solution has maximum benefit when it makes data automatically available to the people who need it, wherever they are located. XR reporting provides the accurate solutions as a platform, structure & work flow of the organization. This data distribution changes people counts & conversion ratios into powerful assets. XR reporting provides a positive change throughout the retail venture & increases retailers’ Return on Investment in people counting solution.

Leading Accurate Solutions For Over 17+ Years

Like any investment, footfall counting solutions should deliver enterprise-wide value in a variety of areas. Sophisticated & accurate solutions solutions, for instance, XR People Counting, go past ordinary people counting technologies. We provide data about the proportion of customers who make purchases & the impact of marketing, promotions, & different levels on sales.

Our accurate solutions deliver real- time data & alerts to the appropriate staff. Wherever they are located―on store floors, in offices, or in corporate thousands of miles away. Enabling them to make better business choices and deliver a market-winning customer experience.