Enable smarter decision making & faster business growth with AI-based Predictive Analytics

Achieve strategic business goals and scalability through data-driven decision-making. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to make accurate business forecasts, shrewd decisions, impactful marketing campaigns, and beyond. Get in touch to learn more.

Embrace AI-based Predictive Analytics analytics to fast track your business transformation process

In today’s highly competitive retail landscape, only businesses with a forward-thinking approach can successfully tackle future challenges head-on. Furthermore, with a global recession in full swing, it’s essential for your business to reduce losses and maximize efficiency. This is where Xpandretail AI-based Predictive Analytics Analytics come in.

Using our AI predictive analytics and Big Data insights, you can now learn more about your customers and gain deeper insights so you can improve customer experiences and increase profitability. Moreover, you’ll gain the power to make informed decisions faster, and improve forecasting, assortment planning, size optimization, promotions planning, and much more!

Scale your business with XR AI-based Predictive Analytics software

Using our Predictive AI and Big Data analysis, you gain →

Strong control over data collection & nurturing customer experience

Insights regarding past performance to predict future performance

Quality data compliant with security protocols

An AI tool that creates models to forecast customer behavior

Ability to offer big data consulting & packaged AI analytics solutions

More flexibility & freedom to focus on core areas

Predictive analytics that help you achieve unprecedented business success

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data work hand-in-hand to create better business processes. While AI continuously learns from past experiences, big data is the gatekeeper that provides all that is needed to understand and predict outcomes. Together, they make complex decision-making a much easier process.

Xpandretail predictive analytics platform helps your business design customized predictive models to help you plan better than your competitors. Furthermore, you can easily forecast emerging trends, anticipate future ROI for campaigns, and predict potential customer behavior while making better business decisions that minimize long-term risks.

Leading the way with insightful data to boost business intelligence

Numbers convey important information. However, the key to your business’ success is in successfully decoding those digits. With Xpandretail AI-based technology, you can now go beyond the financials and discover what’s happening in real-time at every corner of your facility.

For example, our AI-based system can detect the presence of people in a specific area of your business, like a supercenter or a mall. It will then automatically adjust the store temperature and air humidity to ensure a pleasant indoor environment that can boost team productivity and improve customer experience.

AI-based Predictive Analytics that tracks authentic customer behaviors

Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence can drastically improve business operations. Our self-learning AI improves and adapts to human behavior and therefore enhances the ability of companies to deliver targeted and insightful marketing campaigns.

Employ Big Data analytics to reinvent customer experience

Leverage smart data to discover untapped scalability potential. Reap the benefits of routinely smarter business decisions, more efficient business processes, higher revenue, and a highly satisfied customer base. With Big Data, you’ll gain value in a wealth of unique ways, such as →

Cost Minimization
When it comes to storing massive volumes of data, technologies like cloud-based analytics can dramatically lower expenses (for example, a data lake). Additionally, big data analytics can assist your firm in finding more efficient ways of doing business.

Faster & Better Decision Making
The speed of in-memory analytics, along with the capacity to evaluate new data sources, such as streaming data from XR, can enable your business to evaluate information quickly and make informed decisions on time.

Service / Product Development & Marketing
Conveniently assess your customer needs and satisfaction rates. Give your customers what they seek with new products and services. With XR big data analytics, your business can create innovative new products to fulfill the changing demands of their customers.

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    Existing Challenges

    Most businesses have to overcome several significant implementation hurdles to achieve the full potential of AI-based Predictive Analytics analytics. If your business doesn’t have the right environment and architecture, it can seem difficult to make the leap toward data-driven decision-making. Your business must tackle these challenges →

    Resistance to technological change

    Your workforce can be the most critical barrier to adopting and embracing change. Employees and executives alike may hinder the implementation of data science and machine learning. The fear of being made redundant, misunderstanding of the benefits, and lack of simple technological access can stand in the way of crucial growth. That’s why presenting the facts with regards to Big Data is so important.

    Insufficient talent

    Big data is one of the most powerful technologies of our time. With proper knowledge and expertise, you can unlock its potential. However, given the amount of information available today, finding the right approach to understanding this complex field is essential. By providing your employees with analytical skills that ease problem-solving, you can make the most out of your significant data experience.

    Adequate resources

    The development of a data-centric attitude takes time. To facilitate this process, quality resources – a collection of tools that aid in creating actionable insights across each department of the business – are also required. Every department, from marketing to finance, operations, and human resources, will require autonomous access to the right tools to speed up analytics.

    What AI-based Predictive Analytics analytics offers

    Xpandretail AI-based Predictive Analytics analytics enable you to amplify large and diverse data sets to uncover specific patterns, correlate data points, and discover hidden insights that help you forecast future requirements and plan effectively for accelerated business growth. With AI-based Predictive Analytics analytics, you can →

    Understand Customer Behavior

    Find out what your consumers think. Gain a 360-degree view of their behavior and repeat patterns. Conduct predictive and prescriptive analysis with statistical data modeling and Big Data analytics solutions.

    Manage data better

    You need a reliable and scalable data management solution that allows you to create, store and access your data in real-time by incorporating tools like query capabilities and workflow automation. The information and insights derived from our Big Data Analytics can help you drive strategic business decisions confidently.

    Customized User Interface

    XR Big Data analytics solutions help you gain a competitive edge and uncover hidden opportunities in your business. We can support the entire data analytics lifecycle, including descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive, while also performing faster data validations with data analytics solutions. Moreover, you can perform enhanced time series analysis and generate highly customizable dashboards.

    Advanced data-mining insights,

    Our platform is built with a comprehensive set of tools and algorithms that help you leverage use cases related to pattern detection and text & data mining. It enables your enterprise to generate traceable patterns with better accuracy and relevancy by using integrated machine learning algorithms, such as natural language processing, advanced data analytics, and text analytics.

    Tailored system for every business model

    Our Big Data & analytics solutions help enterprises leverage real-time business insights by re-configuring their significant data sources and storage. Our capabilities include institutionalizing on-cloud or on-premise data models per business requirements and integrating big data platforms with proprietary and contemporary data visualization tools.

    Transforming business processes through advanced AI-based Predictive Analytics analytics

    • Seamless customer experience: Through our AI-based Footfall Counting Solutions, you can introduce transparency in customer shopping journeys upon their entry into the store.
    • Hot & dead zones identification: Through AI-based Predictive Analytics, you can identify hot and dead zones to ensure your business layout provides an optimal visitor journey.
    • Reporting:  XR AI-based Predictive Analytics solutions help you understand product placement, as well as which products drive sales, and which are your customers' favorite items.
    • Data analytics: Xpandretail AI-based Predictive Analytics solutions help you implement a proper funnel analysis – not just on the store level (PoS/Door Counting), but in-depth within the store.

    • Process automation: No more counting merchandise manually. The RFID Inventory Management system eliminates traditional and error-prone inventory tracking methods and hand-held readers.
    • Structured data: Businesses can update their inventory every minute with 100% accuracy and precision using RFID Inventory Management and Asset Tracking software.
    • Item location: identify, locate, and authenticate an item in real-time.
    • Additional features: Our RFID system can accommodate every business model and offers powerful, inbuilt API features to help develop new innovative marketing tools and applications.
    • Better control: Our RFID system enables complete in-store stock inventory and asset control that directly improves your security protocols.

    • Clear results & difference: With our Footfall Counting System, you can compare visitor traffic data before and after marketing campaigns and anticipate clear results.
    • Automated data allocation: Our footfall counting system provides you data and insights on specific areas or zones within your store to measure and understand the footfall level.
    • Marketing efficiency: With AI-based & Big Data analytics, your team can easily measure marketing effectiveness by observing the success of your events and campaigns.
    • Targeted promotional content: With better understanding of customer acquisitions and retention rates, you can easily deliver customized and targeted promotional content that improves conversions.

    • Product identification: Xpandretail Footfall Counting System provides real-time insights on moving and non-moving products to portray demand trends.
    • Behavioral analytics: Behavioral analytics enable you to understand customer behavior and footfall patterns to plan your staffing levels, marketing campaigns and promotions accordingly.
    • Sales conversion rate: You can measure your store traffic and conversion rates to identify the most in-demand products.
    • Customer engagement initiatives: Using AI & Big Data analytics, you can strategically place engagement triggers to make your shoppers stay longer in your store.

    • Business performance: Our AI & Big Data systems allow you to benchmark your business performance by integrating data analytics through in-store POS feeds.
    • Data analytics: You can collect key performance metrics, such as conversion rates across all store locations, in real-time.
    • Remove Guesswork: Now you can personalize product offerings based on specific customers tastes and also determine price mark ups and downs based on product demand.
    • Financial benefits: With Big Data analytics and real-time data insights, you can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and limit the threat of fraud.

    • Pattern analytics: Accurately comprehend the enter-to-exit patterns of customers within a business, their most visited areas inside the store and more.
    • Real time performance tracker: Get real-time key performance touchpoints in allocated zones within the store and optimize your consumers' path to purchase.
    • Strategic insights: Our system offers customer footfall understanding to improve shop layout and strategic placement of popular vs. unpopular and expensive vs. low-cost products.
    • Pricing Complications: Highlight trends of products most and least viewed by your customers to make key business decisions.
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