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Digitized Businesses with Xpandretail

More than ever, consumers are using data available online to research, compare and buy products. Having a digitized business is now becoming the norm, shoppers can make informed buying decisions. This is changing the game for retailers and brands. Now, with the retail data retail businesses can stay ahead of shopper trends.

The key to satisfying customers is not just to measure what happens, but to use the data to drive action. The ideal customer-experience measurement system puts journeys at the center. Connecting them to other critical elements such as business outcomes and operational improvements. Start at the top, with a metric to measure the customer experience. Then, into key customer journeys and performance indicators. Also, taking advantage of employee feedback to identify improvement opportunities.

Today, ongoing digital transformation holds the promise of improving productivity performance. But at the same time our economies have experienced a slowdown in productivity growth. Sparking a lively debate about the potential for digital technologies to boost productivity. Digital transformation is having a wide-ranging impact on the business environment. Creating both opportunities and challenges. However, disruption to existing business and social models at the same time.

To make the best of these changes it is necessary to plan ahead so that the right policies and institutions are in place as soon as possible.

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