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Auto Showroom Analytics By Xpandretail

Today we are seeing digital & physical experiences driving car brands through analytics. This is enabling dealerships to meet future customer expectations.

Most people who bought new cars from a standard dealership in the past would not do so again in the future. Sixty-three percent of respondents in a survey said they would likely buy online instead. Growing numbers are actually leaving vehicle ownership behind.

Yet, people also still want the human touch: a place where they can get to physical grips with the vehicle. The dealership experience, however, must be a frictionless, and digitally enhanced extension of the customer experience online. And because customers won’t wait, OEMs and dealers need to start enabling it now.

Today’s automotive customers are channel-agnostic. They expect meaningful, personalized treatment when they visit an OEM’s website and a physical dealer. In fact, they don’t differentiate between dealer and OEM. And their expectations are being shaped by their experiences as customers of other, digitally disrupted industries.

Take, for example, the rise of products-as-a-service, which has been impacting the automotive industry for some time. Uber, which fuses cars, drivers and apps to deliver a ride has been one of the leaders in this space. Consider too the influence of the “me” economy, which leverages data on individual customers to deliver personally relevant content and unique experiences.

Leading OEMs recognize, of course, that customers’ expectations are escalating. That digitally disruptive competitors pose a threat to their traditional business model. For the most part, however, the car makers’ digital efforts remain partial and piecemeal. They still tend to see digital as an end in itself, rather than as an “invisible” enabler. Instead of seeing digital as an end in itself, OEMs and dealers need to start leveraging it as a behind-the-scenes tool.

Importance of Footfall Analytics in Auto Industry

There is a lot at stake for both parties in this brave new digitally disrupted world. Dealers are already grappling with fewer visitors, high staff turnover, and slumping profitability. OEMs urgently need to start building a consistent, cross-channel perception of their brands.

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