Entrepreneurs & Innovative Technology

The UAE) is quickly transforming itself from an oil-based economy to an innovative technology hub. In fact, knowledge-based industries and services now make up a greater part of the UAE’s GDP than oil revenues.

The country’s leadership aspires to create a knowledge-based economy fueled by innovation. This is evident in the UAE’s Vision 2021, which aims to build a nation where knowledgeable & innovative technology. The telecommunications sector in the UAE also has a key role to play in promoting innovation, supporting the country’s evolution towards a knowledge-based economy. foreign talent is an important aspect of establishing & maintaining an innovative environment.

Another other essential element of a successful ecosystem of innovation is the encouraging and fostering of young entrepreneurs. One of the most effective ways to do this is through mentoring. The program’s provide value-added services, events & seed investment. Connectivity is also creating access to information & connecting people. Enabling them to learn online, build their skills, and collaborate in real time. In a world where physical boundaries are steadily diminishing, good telecommunications can be a catalyst to fulfilling dreams.

The government has undertaken many initiatives to support the funding of innovation. In the UAE, seed capital is also available through incubators and, more recently, through crowd investment. Crowd investment is an innovative approach that is becoming a viable source of early-stage funding for start-ups.