Leading Footfall Data Analytics solution provider Xpandretail powered by Sàvant, in the MENA region, is enabling local MENA partner Beside Group to leverage data analytics for customer footfall.

Xpandretail a homegrown company in Dubai, partnered with Beside Group back in May of 2017. Through the XR-Ai Enabled solutions, Xpandretail has been providing the latest in footfall analytic services and solutions to 80 store locations in MENA for Beside Group. The solutions have enabled Beside Group with crucial data to understand their Footfall Counts, Heatmapping and Passerby data through the XR-Bi Analytics Platform.

Beside Group’s Retail Operations Director, Toby Walker said, “Through Xpandretail’s solutions and analytic reporting services, it has enabled us to measure results and focus teams through clear LFL comparisons.” Beside Group is an internationally minded with deep-rooted regional expertise, coupled by their commitment to remaining loyal to the DNA of each and every brand they represent. The group operates stores across the MENA region for a number of international fashion brands and is now leveraging Xpandretail’s Footfall Counting analytics to build on the growing opportunities in the region.

Toby Walker, Beside Group’s Retail Operation Director, who is a known expert in his field, goes on to talk about the professional working relationship over the years with Xpandretail. “Xpandretail have always maintained a professional, yet personal approach to our relationship and have always been supportive on requests”.

Xpandretail’s business model built on their core values – “Regarding People Before Profit, Honoring Relationships, and Challenging the Status-Quo”. Our focus is to delivering a customizable solution offering in enabling businesses to do business. Xpandretail powered by Sàvant, for over 17+ years in the MENA region has been enabling businesses with real-time actionable data for crucial operational decisions.

Toby, then elaborates on the analytical reporting services provided by Xpandretail powered by Sàvant which have empowered Beside Group with actionable insights. “Xpandretail has provided Beside Group with clearer measurements and focus on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and YTD footfall and conversion rates. This has allowed us operationally to identify opportunities and take appropriate actions. Such as improved staff scheduling by hour, amending of trading hours and focusing the store teams with measurable results.”

When partnering with Beside Group back in May 2017, as for any solution provider in the region there are a set of standards to be met. When asked Toby on their initial aim for partnering with Xpandretail and the expectations. Toby had this simply to say – “Our aim is to have improved count accuracy with added data such as heat mapping at competitive rates.” Toby then goes on to say, “working with Xpandretail and their team, I can openly say that the initial set requirements have been met and exceeded in multiple areas.”

With COVID impacting the retail industry heavily, footfall has seen drastic drop. Toby Walker replied, “Specifically during the pandemic it has been important to track the drop in traffic in relation to the drop in sales on LY. As a ratio we always measure store performance based on the ratio of sales on LY being better than the traffic deficit, in this way accountability for conversion performance can be allocated to the store management. In addition with the low traffic in the UAE and shift in peak trading hours store scheduling has been adapted to maximize sales. We have been able to do as such through the provided analytical reporting services from Xpandretail.”

Vic Bageria, Chief Visionary Officer of Xpandretail powered by Sàvant, in closing replies, “It is an honor working side-by-side with Beside Group. The journey from start to present with Beside Group has grown into a fruitful partnership, where we as a family have had the opportunity to evolve. 2021 will be the start for new beginnings, as we all continue to rebuild. We are committed to standing by our partners to ensure the coming year be filled with successful growth.”