Automotive Analytics & Footfall Counter

Boost your showroom’s footfall conversions with XR Automotive Counting Devices. Implement smart strategies and accelerate revenue by identifying your customers’ inclination to buy even before they make a purchase.

Growing challenges for your Auto Dealership

Well-researched customer base who compare vehicles before making a buying decision.

Hard to keep customers in the showroom long enough to make a sale.

Stiff competition from other dealerships makes it tough for your business to stand out.

With XR Automotive Analytics & Counting devices, you can be the leading Auto Dealership in your area

Xpand quickly with the right customer insights & predictive analysis enabled through our People Counters

Boost customer conversions

Analyze and track multiple aspects of your customer traffic flow with XR AI-Enabled Footfall Counting & Visitor Identification Solutions. Gain insights to determine hot and cold leads and implement conversion strategies accordingly.

Amplify marketing campaigns’ impact

Use gender data & insights to develop new strategies and initiatives. Launch new media ads & marketing campaigns, track their effectiveness, identify new channels to increase customer engagement & keep consumers engaged in your showroom.

Real-time AI-driven insights

Get AI-driven insights into footfall trends in your showroom. Compare and benchmark multiple auto competitors locally and abroad. Utilize car model sales and occupancy data from your showrooms to implement new marketing initiatives.

Make better business decisions

Gain information on high footfall areas in your dealership. With XR Path tracking technology, you can see how customers move around the showroom - enabling your dealership to make better business decisions and identify key improvements to make for better service quality.

Analyze customer behavior

Discover which customers visit more frequently to buy automobiles and the brands they prefer. Convert data into key insights that help you turn more visitors into customers.

Acquire intelligence from our extensive footfall analytics stack

XR-2D Smart Counting

XR People Counting Analytics Solution​- Premium XR People Counting Analytics Solution​- Advance

XR-3D Deep Learning

Facilitating Auto Dealerships with accurate Automotive Insights & People Counting

Car dealerships need new customers just like any other business. Moreover, you need reliable, accurate, and timely business insights to close sales successfully.

With XR People counting solutions, you can automatically track footfall counts, identify visitors and get detailed customer insights based on your audience’s demographics, age, and gender. We can help develop and improve your business’ intelligence + footfall tracking to grow your car dealership – enabling you to boost sales without breaking the bank.

Our solutions enable you to predict demand in advance, enhance efficiency and effectiveness, identify the most visited areas inside your store and tailor marketing campaigns based on your customers’ behavior patterns! So why wait? If you need help in meeting your sales goals and exceeding your annual performance, let our Xperts assist you.

Utilize the XR Footfall Counter data to uncover potential revenue streams

The automotive industry is growing rapidly worldwide. There is an increased awareness of automobile options among customers, and they’re beginning to perform their own cost-benefit analysis when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.

To stay ahead in this information-fueled, cut-throat and competitive industry, accurately analyzing customer data is crucial for your auto dealership.

Xpandretail people counting analytics can let you know who your customers are, and when they’re most likely to visit your showroom. It can also let you analyze and predict customer behavior patterns with key insights that will help you make informed business decisions and key improvements to your business.

20+ Years | 50,000+ Installations | 50+ Countries

For more than 20 years, our automotive analytics and footfall sensors have been helping businesses harness their most valuable resources: people and time – to maximize profits.

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