Boost theme park profitability & experiences with Xpandretail AI-enabled analytics

Streamline your operations and enhance your visitor experience. Accurately manage rides, locations, and staff in real-time. Identify areas for improvement with key insights to boost your theme park footfall.

The growing need for theme park analytics

In terms of tourist attractions, theme parks rank second behind concerts and sporting events. Moreover, the majority of theme park visitors arrive in groups and daily attendance can regularly exceed thousands.

As a consequence, it can become hectic for theme parks to manage and maintain a balance in operations, especially with hundreds of activities happening daily for thousands of visitors.

Moreover, massive crowds and extreme weather conditions can worsen theme park management if not handled diligently. That’s why theme park analytics are an absolute must!

With Xpandretail theme park analytics, you can drive →

Better visitor experience. Repeat clientele. Greater revenues.

Now you can accurately measure your theme park’s success, predict visitor behavior, optimize operations, strategically place ATMs, monitor foot traffic, and identify and eliminate bottlenecks.

Moreover, you can efficiently manage multiple rides, F&B outlets, other key locations, and park staff in real-time! You can also set up personalized dashboards for different departments to track all your park areas simultaneously.

In addition to comprehensive audits and advanced reporting functions, our management system helps you maintain smooth operations throughout the day. You can also integrate our theme park analytics into your day-to-day functions in order to achieve a richer guest experience.

The Rising Challenges for Theme Parks

Queue management

Wait times remain a significant concern at amusement parks, as queueing is the most common visitor complaint.

Ride efficiency

Ride throughput is essential for assessing the operational efficiency of theme parks and analysis of ride queues.

Process optimization

Accurate wait times and ride throughput statistics are critical for park operators. Moreover, achieving operational excellence requires reliable data in order to understand ride demand trends.

Staffing issues

Due to inaccurate people counting statistics, staffing issues are common, resulting in increased staff costs or decreased staff members, leading to loss of revenue.

Success can be a rough ride, but not with XR theme park analytics

Track visitors & improve crowd management

Know where every park visitor is in real-time. Track and assess their theme park journey. As a result, you can manage high-activity spots, complex situations, and overcrowding instances better than ever.

Improve security & crisis management

Create highly effective security and crisis management protocols, allocate resources more efficiently, and identify areas of high activity with the Xpandretail heat map.

Maintain efficient staffing levels

Utilizing theme park management software can help you hire enough employees to handle visitors at each attraction, maintain hygiene, and send cleaners to popular locations.

Enhanced park design

Separate areas of high interest to minimize bottlenecks, and plan your layout with customer satisfaction in mind. Utilize visitor flow statistics to the fullest with the Xpandretail theme parks analytics software.

Frictionless experience

Streamline your operations, efficiently utilize resources, and ultimately improve visitor experience, resulting in increased profits.

Become the top theme park destination with XR Theme Park Analytics

Theme parks typically use their ticketing systems to determine total park visitors & peak traffic. But visitors are only counted when they enter the park, not when they leave or return.

By leveraging Xpandretail theme park analytics, you can fully track visitor behavior, including the total visits from entry to exit, and the most visited park areas. You can also allocate sufficient security staff for safety measures and enable your visitors to exit and re-enter multiple times thanks to recognition technology.

Our technology also makes use of occupancy data to help you schedule your operations more efficiently while maintaining a higher customer satisfaction rate.

What sets Xpandretail apart from others

Xpandretail has been providing analytics and reporting solutions, including segmentation and forecasting, to the retail industry for over 15 years. Our solutions are used by thousands of companies in 50+ countries across various verticals.

In addition, Xpandretail has Integrated Leading Theme Parks to ensure robust reporting standards. Apart from that, we provide a set of unique benefits such as:

20+ Years | 50,000+ Installations | 50+ Countries

For more than 20 years, our Theme Park analytics and footfall sensors have been helping businesses harness their most valuable resources: people and time – to maximize profits.

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