Savant Enables Brick and Mortars

Leading analytics solution provider in the MENA region, savant enables brick and mortar locations with the latest technology.

Although e-commerce is growing much faster than traditional retail, the vast majority of purchases still happen in brick-and-mortar stores. Digital shopping lets shoppers buy from almost anywhere. Yet brick-and-mortar stores have enduring appeal thanks to their strong social aspect. Brick and mortar stores aren’t dead.

Brick-and-mortar stores are going digital too

One approach, known as omni-channel, is for retailers to seamlessly bring together physical shopping experiences. Shoppers may prefer researching products online, but when it comes to making purchases, brick-and-mortar stores remain a vital piece of the buyer journey. And this goes beyond taking an omni-channel approach to serve shoppers better.

Sensor-based insights for more effective store configuration

Sensors are set up inside the store to gather anonymized information on shopper behavior& path .