When a company installs a web counter through a software application, then the number increases every time a unique visitor accesses the particular web page. The web counters are still famous, and companies use them extensively on websites. However, the high-tech analytic applications are now slowly replacing them.

The number of hits represented by the counter is displayed usually as numerals, but it is still possible to show it as a text or image. Different styles or fonts enables in displaying details associated with the counter. It basically functions at the back of the webpage and does not cause any delay or disruption to visitors. People can set up the web counters programmatically or through paid widgets or free widgets. In addition, firms can program these by scripting of computer languages like C+, PHP or Perl for implementation.

How does a Web Counter work?

The counter functions as an increment counter that counts the unique visits of users from different IP addresses. Also, if the same visitor visits the web page or reloads it, then the web counter does not increment the visitor hit. This is because it recognizes that the visitor is the same by recalling the generated IP address. A simple counter only performs counting the visitor hits that is related to the web page. The web counters are highly advanced, and they assist in generating a high number of hits or visitors as well as provide information to businesses. For instance:

  • Location of visitors
  • Keywords that bring traffic to the web page
  • User traffic patterns
  • Used web browsers
  • Time and date stamp of the number of visitors

Uses of Counter

The statistics collected enable in instilling confidence in online advertisers as they can see the visitor traffic information and details. Also, it encourages the readers or visitors to spend more time on the website to find why it’s so famous. The hit counters can generate the necessary details of visitors to the website owner such as the user data that can be used indirectly for increasing the sales or reader base.


Sometimes, people may unethically use the programmed counters for tracking the number of visitors. Therefore, the counters are not considered trustworthy at all times!