People counting is a very successful trend of the latest era that helps retailers in progressing as a profitable organization. The performances based on analytics and statistics are also kept a strict eye on, to improve the customer relationship. The retail stores need to maintain a check and balance on who is entering their premises, and the amount of traffic is a limited time frame. Also, it helps to implement marketing solutions and premium customer experience based on the ideas generated for the sole purpose of witnessing a beneficial outcome. Therefore, people counting has become essential these days with a lot of the renowned retail businesses making an effort to make the most of the progressive technology ideas.

People counting analytics established via technical procedures like sensors, RFID, and mobile apps are more reliable than other conventional methods. In other words, retailers incorporate people counting analytics to provide improved customer experience and profitable business outcomes effectively.

Role of technology in people counting analytics

If there is one thing that has never failed to impress and still to progress with fast speed by also producing beneficial results, then that is technology. Most of the retail businesses adopt technology as their prioritized concepts. However, what they do not realize is that there is a continuous change of its effects on the organizations. And this is because technology is something that witnesses amazing transformations daily based on research.

People counting analytics is not a new idea and has been practised for years. Just that, the methods previously utilized are completely different than the current ones. Earlier, the retail stores tried to manually generate the analytics based on the customer’s personal experience and also calculating an estimated amount of the shoppers/visitors.

However, thanks to technology and its never-ending progression, retail businesses can now gather accurate information and real-time data. Therefore, enabling retailers to conduct quick and convenient decision-making strategies.

How has people counting analytics evolved?

The people counting analytics are developed via smart technology solutions that assure a guaranteed outcome. Some of the evolutions of people counting include:

  • RFID technology allows retailers to manage a hands-free system for calculating the number of people entered the premises. Also, it enables to gain insights on customers who shopped in-store, and the conversions because of the marketing programs.
  • The mobile application and software tools that provide detailed analytics of the people counting. These work on the information inserted in the system for it correctly list down the perfect analytics.
  • Businesses can position the sensors for footfall and head counting system. This mechanism works for both open and closed public places such as malls and outdoor festivals.

The evolution of people counting analytics has been phenomenal over the past few years. The only thing that retailers should consider for this is the hiring of reliable service providers for this purpose because not everyone is capable of handling developing leading edge of technology and managing retailing according to it.