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Savant Launches Xpandretail

Headquartered in Dubai for over 15 years, Savant launches the Xpandretail brand. With Xpandretail Analytics, businesses will be capable of coping with predominant market trends.

Leaders in Bi & footfall counting, Xpandretail is paving the way for retailers through their innovative solution offerings. XR solution platforms are enabling global organizations with the latest in people counting, heatmap, queue management, staff exclusion & RFID business intelligence platforms. We provide a secure cloud-based business intelligence platform, leveraging best-in-class AI and machine learning tools. Enabling organizations to improve profitability and increase operational efficiency for growth.

By providing our partners with actionable reports and software-based recommendations, businesses can see how customers behave in their physical locations. We enable our partners with insights on how to optimize their boost conversion rates, business operations, and resulting in increasing profits just in 60 days.

The business solutions Xpandretail offers are born to tackle today’s competitive retail environment. Where success is dependent on a thorough understanding of customer trends and behavioral patterns. Retail businesses gather considerable data from shop floors, suppliers, employees, and logistics.

Empowered with this knowledge, organizations in the corporate and government sectors can solve many daily challenges. As modern public places are increasingly becoming touchpoints for urban communities around the world, counting and customer behavior analytics are crucial to a wide range of businesses and non-profit organizations. With Xpandretail Analytics, be up to date on market trends across all verticals – locally and globally. Get a monthly measurement of footfall based on retail stores, malls, and high-footfall locations.

The insights of data assist businesses in understanding the current consumer flow in the market and which locations are seeing higher footfall traffic, driving their businesses toward delivering a seamless unique customer experience.

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