Beacons – everybody is discussing them. Be that as it may, what is the effect of this new technology? The appropriate response is: it’s tied in with enhancing the client experience. Beacons are Bluetooth-based transmitters that firms can be utilized to offer location-based services. Cell phone applications can get beacon signals and translate them.

These beacons are little, remote gadgets that are cheap and work on batteries. Fundamentally, the gadget transmits a frail Bluetooth signal to other Bluetooth empowered gadgets in the general territory, which can be enhanced by mobile phones utilizing an AT&T signal booster. The beacons connect with clients when somebody strolls by with a Bluetooth empowered cell phone and the correct application.

Usage of Beacon Technology in Retail Stores

In large retail chains, clients can get themselves lost and discouraged from purchasing. Firms can use beacons to gain information about the location of stores and items in particular zones. This has the double advantage of influencing the client to feel more at ease and further urges them to buy more merchandise.

Taking this a step further, with Bluetooth beacons; it turns out to be considerably simpler to segment clients in view of various criteria. By giving a distinct group of clients with various versatile applications for the store, certain beacons can trigger diverse messages for various applications. This could, for example, the alarm just the most loyal customers about a good deal or discount just accessible to them, without disturbing the rest of the client base.

Improving In-store Experiences

Beacon technology can help keep current clients by making all the more captivating in-store experience. With these beacons, retailers can navigate clients through a store, find what they need and possibly get a couple of perks for their endeavours. Engagement is just the initial phase in the arrangement. It is vital to recovering clients first. From that point onward, retailers can offer clients incentives to return to their stores. The main objective of utilizing beacons ought to be to develop a strong relationship with current clients. As opposed to utilizing the beacons to attract new clients or bring back clients who are a distant memory, firms should use it to offer better-customized experiences.

This experience needs to offer something other than an incentive to clients. It needs to tell individual clients that the effort they made to make it into the store is valued. According to research, beacon technology effectively acts as the bridge amongst brick and mortars and clients stuck to their telephones. It’s another approach to draw in with customers and give incentives to customers to enter a specific store, stay for some time, and ideally make purchases. There are various advantages to using beacon technology. At last, it empowers retailers to make customized experience for clients, subsequently developing their connections.


Written By: Mr. Rajiv Prasad