Nowadays there are a lot of public places in the country known to be exceptionally crowded due to certain attractions. Whether it is malls, airport, or any other area, there is a need for optimal crowd management by first correctly analyzing the exact number of people who enter and exit in a specified time period. The reasons for this include:

  • To be able to gather precise figures to know the popularity of the place.
  • And implement creative solutions for managing the crowd.
  • In addition, know the retail outcome of the store/mall.
  • Also, to make an estimated idea of the customer requirement through conversions.

While technology has always played a significant role in progressing as an individual and country alike, it helps in counting people, footfall, and number of the heads that enter the place.

What is ‘people counting’?

People counting is a technical process of counting the number of people who enter and exit a crowded place. As a result, retailers can gain valuable insights with the help of advanced technology namely RFID, high definition cameras, and other analytical software tools. This way, not only does the organization, store, or management of the place can keep a security check on every single movement but also collect accurate data for people counting.

How does it work?

People counting has become a running trend in the national and intentional market. An increased number of businesses are opting for the technology-updated mechanism of security and retail outgrowth. Here is how it works:

  1. Analytical software:

Software designed for accurately counting footfall and people who enter the premises in a limited period of time. Also, the conversion is also significantly noticed in the software that delivers accurate figures of people counting. The software also works through an application for the retail businesses to keep a reliable track record of the traffic.

  1. RFID:

Radio-frequency identification is one of the most dependable ways to count people in the current technology era. Major renowned businesses support RFID as it assists firms through high-risk security situations. The RIFD technology works via a hands-free device that allows the concerned authorities to maintain precise statistics for an enhanced retail outcome and improved inventory.

  1. Overhead sensor:

The overhead sensors work great in malls and other public places that are open and do not have a defined entrance. It works otherwise as well because of the thermal technology that operates via infrared radiations. The sensors track the heat emitted by humans to count people in accurate numbers. In addition, the sensors can also track strollers and other items in-store.

  1. HD surveillance cameras:

HD cameras serve two purposes:

  • High-performance security.
  • People counter.

The people counter works by counting the number of head that enter and exit via limited area. This type of people counter is usually used in malls, festivals with a defined entrance, and other public places where proper implementation of crowd management strategies is very difficult to conduct.