The expression “there is power in numbers” is valid for many things. However, this is particularly true for an owner. Knowing how many individuals are entering your store or restaurant is a critical factor in assessing your business’ performance. Also, the insights help in making revenue projections and figuring out what marketing strategies are the best.

Firms must look further than the sales figures to perceive what is driving traffic into and out of your stores. A people counting system can enable you to understand the patterns of the traffic volume and organize the store operations as per these patterns to increase profits.

When you get the people counting systems data and analyze it, you will see there are a couple of significant factors why this system is an absolute necessity for your retail business’ success.

The basis of any evaluation is the hard numbers of how many individuals are just coming and going. A people counting system enables a single-location store/restaurant or a chain of stores and restaurants with the technology to track what number of individuals get through the doors. The sales reports and periodic counts by employees will only tell you a part of the story. Moreover, the people counting system produce reports for different times of the day, week, holiday and shifts. As a result, these reports guarantee your store is staffed expertly amid the busiest days/times.

People Counting and Retail Traffic Solutions

When you get the traffic data through your implanted people counting systems. Therefore, you can decide how to influence your store traffic by your window displays, in-store activities and other marketing campaigns. You can likewise assess the external environment, to check whether there is any competition from a similar retail store or any construction activity on the walkway to the store that influences the traffic count.

People counting data can give you a reasonable picture of whether your site is drawing in more or fewer visitors. Also, it helps firms to confirm whether you are accomplishing your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). You can see precisely where your customers are moving inside your stores. Also, how much time they spend inside every area through a people counting systems analytical data. It’s essential to keep your customer in-store to boost average sale and income by using in-store store attractions.

Staffing represents one of your most critical costs, ensuring that the right number of staff, are in the right place, at the right time to achieve the correct staff customer ratio. By checking the peaks and troughs daily, weekly, monthly and yearly footfall, you can refine and tailor your staff schedule to maximize customer services. Therefore, it will help ensure that you have enough workers in the store to adequately staff each area. That way, nobody is unassisted or unmonitored amid peak hours. Also, resources aren’t being squandered by having an excessive number of workers on the floor during slow shifts.

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People counting solutions can do more than just monitor basic footfall patterns. Firms use the hardware to provide a better picture of the retail traffic, highlight average dwell times, average store occupancy. Also, it’s confirming customer paths through sites and establishing customer density – helping to be a step ahead of the competition.

Therefore, a people counting solution can be vital to the success of a business. The main logic behind utilizing people counting systems is to analyze what’s happening inside and outside of your stores. When you break down the data, you can make your business choices all the more effective as per the factual results you get through the system.



Written By: Binoy Matthew

Lead Code Architect