We all have read about the part digital signage organizations in UAE play in the advertising world and have regularly come across a lot of news about the same. We should not overlook the most critical part of this technology, its capacity to communicate to the customers directly in an extremely efficient manner. It is a trending technology, and numerous business managers utilize this technology for a smooth and hassle-free operational process. It adds up to the brand reputation and above all, works in a simplified manner, making tasks simpler to implement.

Advantages of Digital Signage

Traders know the significance of communicating time-sensitive data to customers. By delivering pricing updates in real-time, traders can increase sales, and lift the bottom line. This is increasingly important in a world where physical stores contend with e-commerce sites. Digital signage can provide a significant advantage that goes past what’s possible with the traditional printed point of purchase (POP) signage. The capacity to make instant price changes by competitive pressures can be extremely beneficial.

Digital signages enable customers to settle on informed decisions by highlighting product features and advantages right at the point of decision. This can be extremely helpful for electrical appliances and different items that require a considerable amount of specific data information. Consider digital signage displays installed near washing machines, for instance. Digital signages take the role of “silent salesman” and give essential data until the point that a sales associate can assume control.

Evolution of Promotion Strategies

One of the biggest problems retailers have with regards to self-promotion is cutting through the more significant part of the marketing noise created by every other business — be it on radio or TV, in newspapers and magazines or from competing for storefront signs. Digital signage can cut through those distractions by drawing in and directing the attention of the most important potential buyers of all — those in a store who are prepared to spend money in a purchase.

With the help of digital signage, it gets less demanding to communicate your brand message to your clients. Your clients while interacting with your brand, feel connected towards your brand and characterize your brand. This gives them a superior understanding of what you are trying to convey through your communication with your clients.

Numerous times it becomes difficult to directly communicate to your clients because of time and distance barriers. Digital signage breaks communication barriers and conveys essential messages in a remarkably systematic way. It helps in expressing necessary data through visual and textual representation. This makes the communication process simplified and hassle-free.

Evolution of Signages

Setting up a static, printed sign is labour-intensive, costly and time-consuming. Business can make and display a similar message far more quickly with a digital sign. Add to that the repeating cost of printing new signs as requirements change versus simply refreshing a digital sign with a couple of keystrokes, and it doesn’t take long to begin earning a tidy ROI from a digital sign.

The other disadvantage of print is that it is static. Human brains are programmed for movement and as a result, our eyes are naturally attracted to moving objects. Digital signs showing full-of-motion video are dynamic, not static. They take advantage of something innately human to demand attention and hold it.

In any case, there is more. For instance, digital signage interfaced with a store’s point of sale system can promote slow moving products immediately. Firms can programme digital signage displays to respond to the local climate when matched with external sensors. Stores can promote clothes and boots considering the temperature outside.

During an emergency, an existing digital signage system can be a lifeline, giving critically important messages alerting employees, clients and other guests of exit locations, storm shelters and other vital data. Look for digital signage systems that can show local alerts in a flash by sourcing third-party Emergency Alert Software data, providing instant text alerts as well as coordinated signage that gives up-to-the-second information to all concerned.

In conclusion, the value of branding to any business increases when the display systems are of high quality. Digital signage is a medium that has become familiar to everyone. Because of these advantages, digital signage has found use in education settings, restaurants, showrooms, hospitals, banks and retail institutions.


Written By: Damien Singh

Marketing Ambassador