MPS Adoption

MPS Adoption For SMB Growth

SMBs (small and medium businesses) across all industry sectors continue to rely on MPS adoption to some extent for growth. This reliance can be at a huge cost & be a productivity drain. Today SMBs lack the resources or budget to deal with time-consuming print management tasks. Today, MPS is building on the basic foundations, tapping into the power of analytics.

More SMBs are embracing cloud services & their workforce becomes more mobile-enabled. Although the MPS market for SMBs is gaining maturity, there are still wide variations in how well it is achieving its expectations. With many SMBs still at the early stages of their journey, MPS has yet to make a significant impact.

Currently, cost control is the top print management challenge faced by SMBs globally. SMBs indicate that they do not have the tools to track printing across all devices. Such a lack of insight leads to spiraling costs. With cloud services, SMBs gain access to enterprise-class technology on a pay-per-use basis. The growing awareness of the benefits that the cloud can deliver is driving the MPS opportunity amongst SMBs.

The outlook for MPS amongst the diverse SMB market is positive. Overall, SMB confidence in MPS is growing with 50% of existing customers expanding their current MPS footprint.

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